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Advice for batteries disposal

Notes on battery disposal:
Batteries contain valuable raw materials that are recyclable but also harmful to the environment though. Used batteries must therefore not be thrown in the simple domestic waste but must be disposed of separately. Dealers are legally obliged to take back old batteries, consumers need to bring them to a suitable collection point.

Battery handling graphics

You can recognise disposal requiring batteries from the crossed out wheelie bin, which is printed on the packaging. It is possible to find under the garbage can icon the chemical name of the pollutant contained:

Pb = Plumb
Cd = Cadmium
Hg = Mercury

You can send batteries purchased from us back of course for professional disposal again to us. In order to do this, just send a properly stamped packet with the tag "batteries" to: Planet Sports GmbH, Floessergasse 4, D-81369 Munich, Germany

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