Application tips


The cover letter should be no more than one page and should highlight why you are applying for the advertised position and why you would like to work in our team. Make us curious about you and find an appealing introduction that invites us to read on.

Keep our 3 key tips in mind:

  1. Find an individual introduction
  2. Make the connection to the job profile
  3. Let us know what excites you about us and what you bring to the table.


Give us an insight into your working life so far. Don't forget a clear structure and an appealing visual design. The quantity of your CV depends on the depth of your professional experience. Make sure there are no gaps in your CV. Have you ever taken time off and travelled? This also interests us and gives us an impression of your personality. We need to be able to grasp everything important about you at first glance. The following subdivision into 4 categories will help you to do this:

1. personal data:

Name and address, contact details

2. academic and school education:

As a young professional, start with your highest academic degree/school-leaving qualification. If you are a professional whose schooling dates back several years, it is sufficient to indicate your most recent educational qualification.

3. work experience:

If you are a young professional, you can use this section to describe your practical experience to date, such as internships, student traineeships or part-time jobs. If you do not have any professional experience, you can also enter training/study content with practical relevance, such as study projects, here.

4. other qualifications:

We are not only interested in your schooling and training as well as your professional career. Give us a comprehensive picture of everything you bring with you. This includes, for example, language skills, IT skills, your further education or other additional qualifications. Ideally, these should not only be listed, but preferably classified with the degree of their qualification from basic knowledge to excellent mastery.
Testimonials: Provide evidence of your skills and knowledge with your most recent work and degree certificates.


We therefore ask you to check your e-mail regularly, as you will usually receive the invitation to a telephone interview or a job interview this way.


When we send you an invitation to a telephone interview or a job interview, we ask you to give us feedback on whether you would like to take part or not. This makes it easier for us to plan and may also allow other applicants to move up.


Find out in good time how to get to us and how long it will take you to get there. During the interview, you should explain in detail why exactly you are suitable for the position. You are also welcome to use the interview to address any existing questions. As a rule, a (first) interview lasts about 60 minutes. Your interview partners are the hiring department and, optionally, a member of the HR department.