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Revocation Instruction

Statutory Right of Revocation

Consumers (any natural person who primarily enters into a transaction for purposes that are neither attributable to their commercial nor their independent vocational activity, § 13 BGB [German Civil Code]) have a statutory right of revocation. You can find more information on this in the REVOCATION INSTRUCTION.

Additional Contractual Right of Revocation

In addition to the statutory right of revocation we also grant you a contractual right of revocation for a total of 365 days from the receipt of the merchandise. The above provisions govern the exercise of this right accordingly, unless otherwise stipulated below.

By way of derogation from the statutory right of revocation, the beginning of the period of the contractual right of revocation exclusively depends on the receipt of the product by the recipient. Excluded from the contractual right of return are also foods (such as sports bars) and gift certificates (vouchers which may be purchased from us).

The additional contractually granted right of revocation does not affect your statutory rights and remedies. In particular, your statutory right of revocation and your legal warranty rights are preserved without restriction as far as you are concerned. You can find details on your statutory right of revocation in our REVOCATION INSTRUCTION.

To be able to guarantee a fast processing of your return, you should follow the individual steps of our returns process. Failure to observe these has, however, no effect on your legal rights, particularly your statutory right of revocation.

Do you want to return a t-shirt or a pair of jeans? No problem! Please follow the instructions below:
Notify us of your return by calling our hotline on +49 180 - 549 09 40* - Then we will send you a return form and a shipping label by e-mail.
* Mon-Sat: 7:00am -10:00pm. If you are calling from the UK please call our toll-free number 0808 1017359.
Print out the return form and the shipping label. Place your return in the original parcel / bag and enclose your return form Ð Please return the item in its original packaging.
Please remove the original shipping label and tape the new shipping label onto the parcel / bag. Take your parcel / bag to the post office and send it as a standard parcel - Please keep the receipt they give you safe because it is important. You will receive your refund after the return process is closed.

The processing time can take up to 2 weeks upon receipt of your package / your bag. On average, refunds are made within 7 working days from the receipt of your package / your bag. We recommend the return shipment from Switzerland as PostPac International Economy. To prevent unnecessary additional costs, we ask you to send your return shipment back to us as a standard package.

You want to return an item but no longer have your return sticker?

Should you no longer possess your return sticker and want to return one or several items, you can directly contact our Customer Service. We will send you a PDF via email on which the prepaid return shipping sticker is printed. Please print out this PDF and follow the steps laid out above.

Please contact our Support

by email to

or by phone at 0800 / 5490 940


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